IK X100 Plugin First Impressions...

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IK X100 Plugin First Impressions...

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I had $35 in IK "Jam Points" in my account. SOOOO....I scoffed up the X100 plugin and the Cab Sim for a total of $45...net was $10 out of my pocket purchasing thru the IK Custom Shop. :)

Been noodling around with it today inside Pro Tools. It's pretty damn close to the real deal. Still, as I remember these units they were a bit "thin" sounding and the Distortion needed more "beef". Don't kid yourself. The headphone amps are NOT "Tom in a box". To get anywhere near his sound you need the modules the prices of which these days are beyond ludicrous mode.

That said, I pulled out my 2017 Pelham Blue Gibson SG Standard, loaded up a track in PT, dialed it in to get some of what I was looking for, duplicated it twice for a total of three tracks and then panned them in various patterns. Result was more chunkyness. Since I had the Fulltone package from IK, I slipped a Tri-Chorus in on one of the effects rack slots and that not only gave it depth but also considerable width. I'm taking BIGASS tone and wall of sound. "LAYERING TRACKS" like TS did in the studio is key. :)

Also, Amplitude has a built-in Noise Gate that lets you seriously tame that high gain hiss.

I'm going to play around with adding EQ in the effect rack slots to dial it in more and then slap the Fulltone Tape Delay on it. Should be interesting.

If you're REALLY looking for that HUGE Shimmering Def Leopard Chorused Clean sound, the Tri-Chorus is A MUST. Since those hardware units are about as rare as a walking, breathing T-Rex and absurdly expensive, the IK Fulltone package is a wonderful option that gets you 99% there. It includes the Tri-Chorus, their Delay and their OCD pedal.

All in all I think they did the Rockman X100 serious justice and the fact that you can just get the components you need dirt cheap is nothing short of astonishing.

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