X100 Echo Clock Frequency?

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X100 Echo Clock Frequency?

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I am trying to calculate the left and right delay taps from the MN3011 for the Rockman X100. Based on the schematic R2 is 120k and C1 is 220 pf to the MN3101 clock. From the datasheet this appears to provide a clock to the 6-tap delay of between 8k and 10k. The number of BBD stages per tap is documented so if you know the clock frequency you can calculate each delay tap.

if the clock were 10k it would look like this:

Tap 1 - 20ms
Tap 3 - 60 ms
Tap 5 - 140 ms
Tap 7 - 190 m (from MN3097)

Tap 2 - 33 ms
Tap 4 - 86 ms
Tap 6 - 166 ms

If the clock were slower those delays would all be somewhat longer. If you know what the values or or have already been through this exercise, I would really appreciate any additional insight!