Sustainor + Chorus + Distortion or Sustainor + Chorus

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Sustainor + Chorus + Distortion or Sustainor + Chorus

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Looking at building a rack, but at first I was under the impression that I would need all 3 sustainor, chorus, and distorting to get the tone. However, I've seen a YouTube video where the guy had the tone nailed with just the sustainor, chorus, and 2 eqs. Does the sustainor provide the distortion itself? If so, what is the use of the distortion generator?
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Re: Sustainor + Chorus + Distortion or Sustainor + Chorus

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The Sustainor and Distortion Generator are both amplifier/cabinet simulators. The Sustainor has two channels that you can assign between clean and distortion sounds. The Distortion Generator is a one trick pony that is always in distortion mode. The Distortion Generator is more versatile in its distortion sound.

The Distortion Generator is capable of providing clean sounds when the autoclean circuit is engaged. Having a Les Paul with the neck pickup level set low, and the bridge pickup level set high allows you some degree of clean/distortion playing controllable from the guitar. This trick also works with the Sustainor, when it's set to autoclean mode.
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