Using the Guitar Compressor for Lead Leveler

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Using the Guitar Compressor for Lead Leveler

Post by rbc »

I have a blue face Sustainor and a Guitar Compressor. The Guitar Compressor has a foot switchable lead leveler. It occurred to me that a lineup like this could be used.

Plug the guitar into the Guitar Compressor. Patch the Guitar Compressor output to the all return of the Sustainor effects loop. Patch the Sustainor to other effects and the board as needed.

Using the all return would effectively bypass the Sustainor compressor/gate. The Guitar Compressor would be used in its place. This seems like it would allow you to engage the lead leveler as needed during your performance. I'm pretty sure it would work, but I'm not a fast enough guitarist to use the lead-leveler myself. Has anyone tried this before? Just curious.
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Re: Using the Guitar Compressor for Lead Leveler

Post by Dale »

I tried it a long time ago after reading an artical by Rockman500 about it, but can't remember how it sounded.
But....I do have my current set up that way using my Ultimatum instead of the compressor.