Hissing from a Distortion Generator ***Solved***

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Re: Hissing from a Distortion Generator ***Solved***

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Fdesalvo wrote:Excellent troubleshooting. Looks like it’s near the input, so it would have a huge impact on noise. Any changes in tone?
Thanks. I fix them eventually. ;) I thought I had it figured out last week. During some troubleshooting, I happened to move the daughter board (small one with all the switches & pots) and the hissing went away. As I moved it back and forth, the hissing would stop and start. Yes! I thought, bad solder joint(s). I'll have this thing fixed in a jiffy! I did find some bad/loose solder joints on the 5 wire ribbon cable. I decided to resolder all 46 of the ribbon cable solder joints. I fired it back up. Guess what? Hissing! All the time. Even when wiggling the daughter board. All I did was make sure all the ribbon cables had good solder joints so the hissing could sound no matter what. Dang! Oh well. At least I fixed another issue.

FYI - During troubleshooting and while the unit is plugged in, make sure you have the circuit board in the bottom plastic case. Don't ask me how I know. :o Also, make sure you don't accidentally touch the contacts on the power on/off switch. Again, don't ask me how I know. :shock:

I didn't test the sound/tone beforehand because I knew something was wrong when I heard the hissing. It sounds great now though.

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Re: Hissing from a Distortion Generator ***Solved***

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Lol! Nothing like getting zapped. Once you get bitten, anything will cause you to go into full startle/hand-whip back mode. Ask me how I know! :mrgreen: