Using the Guitar Compressor for the AGP/Clean 2 Sound

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Using the Guitar Compressor for the AGP/Clean 2 Sound

Post by rbc »

I was reading up on the Rockman Guitar Compressor. I was curious how it compares to using an Acoustic Guitar Pedal or the Sustainor "CLN 2" sound? The anti-noise switch caught my attention as well.


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Re: Using the Guitar Compressor for the AGP/Clean 2 Sound

Post by Guitarvamp »

As far as I'm concerened, they are three seperate things.

Tom made a compression circuit. Add a little bit of EQ, and you have the Acoustic pedal.

Take Tom's compression circuit, and really blossom it out - give it all the oomph and room that it needs. There you have the Compressor half rack unit. (To me, most all rack units will be better than their footpedal counterparts, just because of adjustability. Rack units have more room for circuitry, knobs, buttons, sliders, etc. Footpedals cram as much as they can into a tiny little package.)

Finally, the Sustainor has the compression circuit, but it also has EQs, and everything else. It's a full package of all-in-one sound and tone. Yeah, it has the Clean 2 sound, but that's comprised of more than just a compressor.

My take on it all. Your views may be different.

Keep in mind the overall perspective..... first there was the headphone units. Great stuff, but not adjustable. Then there was the Sustainor and Chorus/Delay units. Much more adjustable. Later on, those units got broken down into their smaller pieces (and could be expanded even further) - the Chorus/Delay became the Chorus and the Stereo Echo, and the Sustainor became the Distortion Generator, Compressor, EQ, and Smart Gate.

Speaking like a true collector and enthusiast, one is not better than another - they are just different. Different enough that average Joe on the street could tell the difference? No. But especially when you have them together, or have G.A.S. ( gear aquisition syndrome) like most guitar players, you are always looking for that "different" sound - no matter how sleight. :)