FS 2018 Large Private Collection.

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FS 2018 Large Private Collection.

Postby Rakjen » Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:09 pm

Private collection containing 24 Rack modules, 14 racktrays, 2x XPR's, 2x Midi footswitches, 2x Triple footswitches, Remote loop, Guitar Ace and Rockadapter.

Allot of the Rockman equipment is NOS found stashed away in a warehouse after a music store closing in the early 1990's

I will be updating the post with more details and pictures in the days to come.
I know from my own experience that it sucks to wait so I'll try to get at it as quickly as possible.

The equipment is located in Norway but I will accept shipping worldwide.
If there's an oil sheikh out there GAS'ing on Rockman wanting to buy the whole lot, great!
If not I will accept selling individual devices.

Please note that this is not a fire/garage sale ;)

4x Midi Octopus

6x Stereo Chorus / Delay

2x EQ

NOS Racktrays

NOS Triple Footswitch

2x Distortion Generator


NOS Sustainor Demo Center

NOS Stereo Echo Demo Center

NOS Stereo Chorus Demo Center

NOS Distortion Generator Demo Center

More pictures and prices to come :)

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Re: FS 2018 Large Private Collection.

Postby eicca » Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:30 am

Prices. Prices please.

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Re: FS 2018 Large Private Collection.

Postby GuitarBuilder » Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:07 am

Holy smoke! Interested!

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Re: FS 2018 Large Private Collection.

Postby Boydo » Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:26 am

Prices please, In the market for foot switches, Remote Loop, EQ's & Chorus Delay's. What XPR's do you Have

Thanks Bob