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"Hello David Here. As you may know, all Rockmans are long overdue for service, ESPECIALLY the electrolytic capacitors. Although an exact time limit cannot be determined, most techs agree caps are "good" for about 10 years. Since the youngest Rockmans are now over 18 years old, it is safe to say, they need replaced. This is why you are hearing more noise and less tone." ~D

Over the years, David has seen many issues with these units and he has developed many techniques to restore them back to the way they were designed to sound....great! He calls this procedure a Stage 2 Refurb™. Among other steps, a Stage 2 Refurb™ consists of: A pre-work Operations Check. Replacing of all Electrolytic Capacitors. Addressing all Grounding Issues. Cleaning of all Sliders and Switches with a multi-chemical, multi-step process. Resoldering of key Solder Joints. Multi-Point Inspection. A post-work Operations Check. Critical Ear Sound Check"™ And to top it off, David also backs his work by a limited one year warranty. Minor repairs are covered with a Stage 2. Major repairs extra.

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