1st Album Tone w/ Marshall

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1st Album Tone w/ Marshall

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Howdy all - new guy here. 8-)

Always loved Boston; at least the first 3 albums, but especially the first album. Loved the tone and the playing!

Had some Rockmodules back in the late 80s, but I never really got down 'n' dirty with them (main amp was a Marshall 2210). Wound up selling them in the early 90s to help pay the rent. I did keep, however, my Rockman X100 (which I still have)... practiced many a cover tune back in the day with that bugger.

Fast forward to the present: I just received my first Rockmodule (Stereo Chorus) via Fleabay; fantastic unit. I'm waiting for a Sustainor 100, Disortion Generator and Stereo Echo to be delivered as well. Also purchased a dbx 215s (2x 15 band rack EQ) for EQing duty.

Anyhoo, while waiting for the rest of the Rockmodules to arrive, I've always had some sort of way of getting the Boston tone.
Having finished up my Edward brown sound quest (with great success; variac included!), I decided to revisit the Boston tone utilizing the gear I currently have.

I'd like to call this "1st album tone" as the Rockman lineup did not exist in '76. No, we're talking a goosed Marshall (a JTM45 reissue that I've modded) into a dummy load / slaved, EQ, etc a la the first album. The EQ settings as such:


So, the signal chain is thus (vertically):

Badgerplex Trilogy (Echoplex preamp utilizing a TIS58 running at ~22v)
MXR 6-Band EQ (see photo for settings)
modded JTM45 --> HotPlate (set to load)
Suhr ISO Line Out (takes amp spkr out and converts to line level)
MXR SmartGate
Strymon El Capistan
'67 Fender Deluxe

Mic'd with one Shure SM57 straight-on, 1" from dustcap

Here's what the above sounds like; zero EQing in the DAW, only panning. Me on the L, Boston on the R:

Foreplay / Longtime:

Hitch A Ride Solo:

Dreams (Barry Goudreau - for fun):


Now, take the "Hitch A Ride Solo" clip from above, run it through the Stereo Chorus Rockmodule, and you get:

Hitch A Ride Solo (w/ Stereo Chorus on/off throughout):

And for fun, I ran an old rough take of Don't Look Back through the Stereo Chorus:

Look forward to getting the rest of my Rockmodules and getting the rack up and running... 8-)
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Re: 1st Album Tone w/ Marshall

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Great sound, thanks for sharing!