Les Fradkin Rockman Rig

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Les Fradkin Rockman Rig

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My Rockman Rig is a bit different than most setups.
Top to bottom- Furman Power Conditioner, Audio Technica Wireless (for Vocals), Rockman Tom Scholz X100, Rockman Sustainer, Rockman Chorus/Delay, Roland VSR-880 (Recorder/Mixer and adds additional 300ms Tape delay to the Rockman). The pedals for the Front end of the Rockman Tom Scholz setup are (L-R) are BOSS LS-2 Line Selector, JangleBox J-Boost. JangleBox Compressor/Sustainer, Samson Wireless (for the 12 String Guitar). iSpot power for the pedals. And on the Floor: (L-R) Digitech Vocalist Live 5, Rockman Tom Scholz Triple Footswitch, Boss EV-5 Volume Pedal.
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Re: Les Fradkin Rockman Rig

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Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Les Fradkin Rockman Rig

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Looks great!

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Re: Les Fradkin Rockman Rig

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Very cool! Kind of like a cyborg Rockman rig. Reminds me of 7 of 9 from Star Trek Voyager minus the big #$%^ and nice %^&*!


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Re: Les Fradkin Rockman Rig

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Great setup you have there! Very interesting. Thanks for sharing the pics.

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Re: Les Fradkin Rockman Rig

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