Best I can

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Best I can

Post by Patrick45015 »

No idea how to title this really or what to say. I've been out of the game but back in. Headlining my rig is my George Lynch signature series Randall RMS 100. Going into a 4X12 cabinet. The head doesn't have stereo outs so only thing I can figure is I'm only gonna get half my Rockman equipment. I know this is supposed to be only 100% Rockman gear but I don't feel that's realistic. I'm a huge fan of Boston but I'm not in the banding Boston, so I want my own sound.

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Re: Best I can

Post by rbc »

I think you'll find a lot of openness to hybrid systems here. Thanks for joining us!
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Re: Best I can

Post by RockmanCentralBob »

Your setup can still work depending on if you want it ser up for live playing or recording.

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Re: Best I can

Post by Fireful0 »

In my guitar sound setup, I have
Roland JC-55
Peavey Rockmaster Preamp
Rockman Sustainor 200
TC Electronics Corona Chorus Full Size
TC Electronics Corona Chorus Mini
Dunlop Echoplex Pedal
Rockman AGP (grey pedal)
Rockman Wah wah.

I barely have any Rockman effects, as they aren't my main sound, (except for the AGP) but having the option to kick in that Sustainor is always fun.
Can't really see myself making an exclusively Rockman rack right now. :lol: