"Stage head," on the cheap!

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"Stage head," on the cheap!

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I've always wanted to gig with my Sustainor in a rack-mounted head thing, but to do that would require adding AT LEAST a Chorus module, a rack-mount EQ, a power conditioner, the case, the trays, all that crap.

Then I realized, "hang on, my X100 has the Chorus and Echo built in, plus stereo outputs, and if I can get my hands on one more 10-band EQ pedal (or just steal the 80s EQ unit from my dad's home theater setup...)

Tadaaaa! I'll have to think of some creative way to transport all this crap, but it sounds great! Sure it's not as flexible as a full stage head, BUT I get the stereo sound, the footswitch and the Auto Clean, and it sounds 95% as good for a butt ton less. #collegebudget

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Re: "Stage head," on the cheap!

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