15-band EQ settings for Tom Scholz tone inside

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15-band EQ settings for Tom Scholz tone inside

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On a college budget, there's no way I'm getting four genuine Rockman EQ modules like Tom has in his stage head. I got a used Peavey instead, which is the same unit Gary Pihl uses in his stage head. I then tweaked it all by ear.

Here's a quick vid on my settings. Since all Rockmans (Rockmen?) are different, you'll have to tweak yours by ear, but use these as a template to get started. You can do this with any dual-15-band graphic EQ.



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Re: 15-band EQ settings for Tom Scholz tone inside

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Great sounds there, Taylor!

Just remember everyone, there is no ONE Tom Scholz sound.... he uses MANY different tones and blends them together in his own, unique way.
He also layers them together by actually playing/recording each part multiple times to get the sounds you hear on the records.
And they change from album to album.

That said, my hat's off to Taylor for working out some of these different tones that Tom uses.
My advice is to grab a couple of them that work for you and then focus on your playing and learning songs.
In the end, how good you sound mostly comes down to what's in your fingers.