XPR vs Rockmodules

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XPR vs Rockmodules

Post by carl170 »

I just got my XPR on Friday and am astounded at how good it sounds. It sounds better than I remember my XP100 and also has longer delay times. The XPR has 340ms vs 220ms on the XP-100. Interestingly, the 340ms is only supposed to be on the XPRa (according to rockman.fr), so I don't know if my unit is inbetween or something?

However, I saw this article here:


and in Article 25, he suggests you should get the following to go with the XPR:

1) One Stereo Echo or comparably good analog stereo delay
2) One Midi Octopus
3) One Rockman Instrument EQ or the new MXR 10-Band EQ
4) One Rockman Smart Gate or MXR Smart Gate
5) One Midi Octopus Remote Loop Box

I don't understand why you would need so much other stuff to go with it EQ etc. He is sort of suggesting that the echo/delay/eq on the XPR is not very good, (which I would totally disagree with!)

If you are using the rockmodules and Midi octopus, are you still not limited by 1 or 2 settings per module? eg clean1 and edge 1 on 1 sustainor. Are the rockmodules that much better?. I haven't seen any great demo's of the echo yet, so am I missing something? Also, you would need a seperate eq everytime you want something different?

Hope this makes sense - I'm just not sure what extra you get going down the rockmodule route.


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Re: XPR vs Rockmodules

Post by RockmanCentralBob »

The Stereo echo module is VERY nice.... probably one of the best delays out there since the delays actually have a reverb trail that fades out after each repeat.
The XPR's delay doesn't have that, and is also limited to a single repeat.
So believe me, if you like the delay on the XPR, you'll LOVE the echo on the Stereo Echo module!!
There really is no comparison!!!
Many people just add a Stereo Echo in the loop and bring it in/out without the need of adding anything else, including a MIDI Octopus.

But if you want to go all out, David suggests the Smart Gate to quiet down some of the noise that you get from the XPR, and he suggests and EQ for tweaking the final tone.
My guess is he's suggesting a remote loop to bring the Smart Gate in/out of the circuit since it's not needed on the clean modes.
That, and the use of the EQ and Stereo Echo are going to necessitate the use of a MIDI Octopus to control (ie: bypass) them.
Of course, if are going to go that far, you might as well get a Stereo Chorus module too and just use the XPR up to the loop out and forget about the onboard effects.

You'll end up with a VERY nice sounding rig.
Here's Tommy DeCarlo's rig that is set up this way... (though I'm not sure he's using an EQ).

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Re: XPR vs Rockmodules

Post by rbc »

RockmanCentralBob wrote:The Stereo echo module is VERY nice.... probably one of the best delays out there since the delays actually have a reverb trail that fades out after each repeat.
If Dunlop was to re-issue any of the Rockmodules, I'd say the Stereo Echo may be the best candidate. I bet there would be some market demand.
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Re: XPR vs Rockmodules

Post by Dale »

Wow.....Tommy Jr nails the sound.....looks like he might be next to join the band.