Rockman Distortion (XPR,Sustainor, DG)

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Re: Rockman Distortion (XPR,Sustainor, DG)

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When I think of this feature, I always think of the section of "Feelin Satisfied" where Tom played arpeggios with distorted and clean tones.
Honestly, that's about the only type of playing where it would make sense.

On a side note, I'd have to disagree with it sounding like an acoustic playing along....
It's being run through the Clean setting which is definitely electric guitar sounding.
If it were playing through the Clean 2 setting, which does, to me, sound more like a 12 string acoustic, then I would agree.
But that's just not the case with the XPR.

I do think it would be pretty decent for rhythm playing if it WAS going through the Clean 2 setting though.
Think "Peace of Mind" where there's an acoustic playing along with the distorted rhythm guitars.
That could be useful.
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Re: Rockman Distortion (XPR,Sustainor, DG)

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Some other players that used clean/dirty tones together: Yngwie Malmsteen... sort of in a class by himself. With what he does, the notes would be all mushed together without the clean tones. Eddie Van Halen used the technique quote a bit on the ..Carnal Knowledge album (I think it was that one). To me, not quite "wow", but it is a different sound for him.

I've played with the clean/dirty settings, also. Kinda neat, but nothing I'd use on any regular basis. Sort of like any of the million presets on a multieffect processor. ;) If THAT'S why you want to check out an XPR, save your money.