Happy New Years!

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Happy New Years!

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Happy New Years!

I thought I’d pass on some updates about what happened with the rockman-gearup.com forum over the last year, along with a look ahead at the year to come.

There were a total of 96,849 visits to rockman-gearup.com during 2017. This is an increase compared to 69,262 visits in 2016. December of 2017 was also busier than last year, with the forum receiving 10,288 visits, compared to 5,713 visits in December 2016. Additionally, there are now 1079 people who "like" the "Rockman Gear Up" page on Facebook. The forum now 117 users. Member growth has been fairly slow but continues to move up.

There are still some pending technical changes in the forum software. The upgrade from phpBB 3.1 to phpBB 3.2 is still on hold. I'm waiting to see when the next phpBB 3.2 dot release will come out. If it takes a while, I may go ahead and upgrade to the current 3.2 dot release. I will also be refreshing the underlying operating system and web server software during first quarter.

Additionally, it’s time for the rockman-gearup.com annual fund raiser! Our forum exists because of loyal contributors like yourself. There are a lot of ways to contribute. Participation and advocacy are critical. Another way is financial. Hosting web sites isn’t free. There are costs associated with server hosting, domain registration and purchasing encryption certificates for running a secure web site. Contributions are always welcome.

I'll suggest a $3 contribution. You can change that to a different amount. You might consider $5, $10 or $20. I don’t have a 501(c)3 organization, so I can’t offer a tax write-off at this time.

The contributions help defray the cost of operating rockman-gearup.com. The idea is to keep the forum ad-free. Funds are used to pay for the operations, maintenance and promotion of the web site. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions. Tell a friend! Here’s the link:


For those of you who have heard this pitch, I'm preaching to the choir. For new members, this is intended as some gentle encouragement. Thanks in advance for any and all contributions!

Lastly, thanks for being a member of rockman-gearup.com. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

Thanks again,

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