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Rockman Legal

Post by rbc »

Does anyone know about the legal issues of Rockman/SR&D marks? I know some members who would like to make some Tshirts with Rockman products on them. Any remarks would be helpful.
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Re: Rockman Legal

Post by Guitarvamp »

It was me. :) I have some ideas for Rockman Tshirts. I figured that others on this board might be interested in the same thing, but I don't want lawsuits from Tom or Dunlop. I'm not looking to do large runs of these, or sell them for profit. These are for fans, by fans.

From my days of working in Hollywood props, I seem to recall there was something like 'if you make it for yourself, there's not much they can do about it (or they'd spend many dollars trying to track down and sue a single person for a single item, ie not worth it)'.

Worst case, I'll just make myself some shirts. But does anyone have legal knowledge in this area?

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Re: Rockman Legal

Post by RockmanCentralBob »

Technically, the Rockman brand now belongs to Dunlop, and I would think the SR&D brand belongs to Tom (though he might have sold that to Dunlop as well).

As individuals, and likely for most of us, non professionals, I wouldn't be concerned if you are only making a few shirts. I've printed up a few dozen "Power by Rockman" shirts with the Boston logo and the SR&D logo on the back. I even gave several to Tom, his wonderful wife Kim, and some of the Boston crew. I can't say Tom ever wore them, but Kim and the crew did. It was more a gesture of thanks to them for all they do for me, intended as a novelty harkening back to a shirt Tom made for himself back on the Third Stage tour.