Barry Goudreau - Dreams (Youtube video)

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Barry Goudreau - Dreams (Youtube video)

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I realize this page is perhaps more geared for equipment, and the Boston sound, but I am more into the history of the band Boston and that unique guitar sound.

I remember seeing the Barry Goudreau - Dreams video in 1980, and I soon bought Barry Goudreau's album that same year. As time goes on, I learned to play guitar, and was in a couple of bands as a rhythm guitarist. I would later put down the guitar for many years because of being married and wanting to have children. And it was only a few years ago, that I wanted to climb that mountain again to be as good as I once was. Soon after I began playing again, it was the sound of the guitar in the Barry Goudreau - Dreams song that I wanted to have. Barry Goudreau is my guitar GOD, and today, I have a Boston stage head that most people would be envious of having... Blah Blah

Can anyone explain why the Barry Goudreau - Dreams video we see on Youtube today is severely butchered with close ups? There always seems to be a copy-write issue with the original non-butchered video. Was this video a victim of lawsuits between Scholz and Goudreau?

Brenda Mathias
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Re: Barry Goudreau - Dreams (Youtube video)

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Hi Brenda,

I hope you don't mind. I moved this topic to the "General" sub-forum.

I don't know about the video on YouTube, but I follow Barry Goudreau. I have the Barry Goudreau album. I also have RTZ's "Return to Zero", "Lost in America" and "Found in America". I particularly like the "Delp and Goudreau" album and the "Rockin' Away" single. I also have the Rock Candy remaster of Orion the Hunter. I've continued to follow his work with the "Low Expectations" and "Full Steam Ahead" albums. Anyway, it's all great stuff. Thanks for joining the board.


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