Barry Goudreau - Dreams

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Barry Goudreau - Dreams

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Barry had 100% Boston guitar tone on his eponymous album: ... 28album%29

He had a minor hit back then with "Dreams".

So here's my quick run through this tune.

Rhythm guitar starts mono, then is doubled (played twice, panned).

Most of the tune: ... sp=sharing

Just the solo part (SR&D Stereo Delay on the solo guitar): ... sp=sharing
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Re: Barry Goudreau - Dreams

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The Barry Goudreau album is really excellent. Those are some nice covers. Thanks for posting them.

I picked up the RTZ albums a while back. I also bought Delp and Goudreau and the Delp and Goudreau single "Rockin' Away". I tried to buy a reprint of "Orion the Hunter" on CD but Amazon kept sending me something else. Oh well... The "Low Expectations" album from Goudreau's group "Ernie and the Automatics" is also interesting.

By the way, I moved the topic into the Rockman Performance forum. I also moved the "Playing" category to the top of the forums so it's not so difficult to find.


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