Nice metal tone with Rockman

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Nice metal tone with Rockman

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On my quest to see if Rockman stuff can still be relevant today, I tweaked the EQ and made a tone suitable for metal and stuff. It sounds great. The regular Boston tone kind of didn't work well with any pickup other than bridge, but the "metal mode" opens up my whole guitar for more versatility. It still has that creamy Rockman flavor, but doesn't sound like a one-trick pony. And drop tuning sounds ah-mazing.

All I did was take the Boston tone, reduce the 400-630hz and give it a little bump at 1.6khz.

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Re: Nice metal tone with Rockman

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Nice vid!
Personally, I love tube sounds. I have my Rockman Sustainor getting pumped through the Crunch channel of my Peavey Rockmaster Tube Preamp, and with the Phase Notcher on, it is absolutely amazing. Pure metal bliss. I don't use the Rockman too much however, as that is not my main sound.
More of a secondary, but a very nice secondary. :D