Demo of my X100 rig

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Demo of my X100 rig

Post by sammy777 »

Rest in peace Eddie... I am currently working on a tribute that I want to post using my Rockman setup. Still a work in progress at this point, especially the timing, but at this point I'd love some feedback on the tone I am getting with my X100 setup.

This is an 80s Fender made in Japan that I put an 80s Duncan JB in, into a Tubescreamer 808 with gain at lowest setting, tone and level at highest setting. Into the X100 on the distortion channel, only echo on (although I'm planning to disable this). Output goes into two Roland SDE-3000 digital delays, just like Eddie and Steve Vai used. They are panned hard left and right, one with 200 ms, the other with 400 ms, both mixed at about 50% and with a bit of feedback and modulation. Finally, I use an aux send on my mixer to send the combined signal from the two Rockman channels (before delay) into a Roland SRV-2000 digital reverb (same as used by Slash on Appetite for Destruction) and I'm using a small (7 meter side length) room reverb. I'll post some pictures of this soon.

I'm trying to do this exclusively with 80s gear so I haven't touched the sound in the computer. Any tips on improving this tone, or on my technique, would be greatly appreciated!

So here is version one, for your eyes only at this point, please don't share:

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Re: Demo of my X100 rig

Post by RockmanCentralBob »

Damn... that was smokin'!!!
Very nice playing and great tone too.

I think it really shows off what you can do with an X100 (or any Rockman) as the basis of your distortion and filtering, combined with other gear to "de-Boston-ize" it.

There was a Japanese guy on YouTube that was linked here before that did something similar.... used the XPR as a basis but combined it with other gear to change the character and some cab sims to change the overall response. The results were quite "real" sounding.

Well done, sir!!
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Re: Demo of my X100 rig

Post by eicca »

Ah man, the Rockman sounds sooooo great in the hands of people that can really shred. Keep shreddin! \m/