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Equipment made by Dunlop Manufacturing including Rockman, MXR, Cry Baby, Way Huge Electronics, etc.
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Jim Dunlop Gear Forum

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The purpose of this forum is for the discussion of Jim Dunlop gear. I should be clear in saying that adding this forum does not represent a move away from the Rockman gear, but instead is intended to acknowledge the relationship between the Rockman gear and the Jim Dunlop products.

Dunlop Manufacturing has an enduring relationship with the Rockman gear. Part of it is, that Bob Cedro is an engineer at Dunlop. He worked for Boston founder Tom Scholz and his music accessories company SR&D.

Cedro has also been Tom Scholz's guitar tech. He co-wrote and performed on Boston’s “Walk On” album, doing the arpeggio guitar for "We Can Make It”. At Dunlop he has developed the MXR Carbon Copy, the EVH Series and the MXR Bass Innovations series along with other products.

Let me know if there are any comments or questions.


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