Connecting X100 to a PC

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Connecting X100 to a PC

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Hi everyone! I'm new to this community, and attempted to find the answer to this question both within this forum and elsewhere, but to no avail. My apologies if it's already been answered. What methods do you use to connect your X100 to your PC for recording purposes? I'm hoping not to spend money on some sort of interface device, and instead simply use a cable approach to connect. I've seen 3.5mm to USB connections out there, but I'm afraid that will either degrade the sound and/or keep it in mono.

I also have a Line 6 Helix, and may try to connect it through that device.

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Re: Connecting X100 to a PC

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Have you tried the microphone input on the computer? Just connect the headphone jack to microphone input with male to male 3.55 connections. I used to do that a long time ago when i was a poor college student. Not the best, but might work for you.
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Re: Connecting X100 to a PC

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Depends on what "quality" you want. To do any kind of recording I'd go with a Presonus Audiobox Usb interface that can be had off of FleaBay for under $100. ... =0&_sop=15
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