Introduction to the Last Rockman Products

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Introduction to the Last Rockman Products

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The Ultimatum products are based on two distinct clipping stages in series. The first part of the Ultimatum circuit has a compressor, clipping stage and cabinet simulation. A second clipping stage simulates the saturation of a power section in an overdriven tube amplifier. Both the A12-50 combo and Ultimatum distortion generator were based on this circuit.

A12-50 combo:

The A12-50 combo was released in 1993. It is a two channel (distortion and clean) 1x12 50 watt mono combo. It lacks the chorus and reverb of the other Rockman products, but provides an effects loop for using external effects. It is probably the most conventional of the Rockman guitar amplifiers.

Ultimatum distortion generator:

Ultimatum Distortion Generator was introduced in 1994. It was designed primarily for use as a distortion with a standard guitar amplifier. It can also be used as a pre-amplifier for directly connecting a guitar to a mixing console.

Acoustic guitar pedal:

Acoustic Guitar Pedal was designed for clean guitar work. It is basically a compressor with bass and treble controls. It's intended to make an electric guitar sound more like an acoustic guitar.

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