Dunlop Rockman A12-50 combo amp

The Ultimatum based combo amplifier
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Re: Dunlop Rockman A12-50 combo amp

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Perhaps it will be Hugh Myrone: ... for-metal/

He seems to like his Rockman Sustainor a lot. I have to say that the distortion of my Blueface Sustainor without EQ and backing instruments is more of an angry bark than warm tube overdrive.
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Re: Dunlop Rockman A12-50 combo amp

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Dale wrote:
RockmanCentralBob wrote: It could take a significant event,
I can think of one, a famous guitar player using Rockman that everyone wants to be like especially the younger generation. Think Slash. Personally I don't think he's that good but he brought back the les paul as a guitar kids want.
Welp if I ever hit it big, I know what brand I'm endorsing :lol:
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