Hyperspace pedal... maybe?

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Hyperspace pedal... maybe?

Post by GRIMland » Thu Jan 17, 2019 7:49 pm

I've been watching a bunch of Andertones / Rob Chapman YT videos lately and stumbled on one where they were reviewing the Zoom G3Xn multiFX pedal and right off the bat they made a pretty decent hyperspace sound. It's the "OCS Echo" effect which is a tape delay with the pedal controlling delay time, with a setting for min heel and max toe.

Reminded me of Tom's solos between songs in concert.

Thoughts? I'd be interested in trying one just to see how it sounds like with pick slides, etc but no one in the state of MN including Daves Guitar Shop in WI seems to stock Zoom FXs.

It made me think of the post on YT of someone making a really nice Boston Smokin' patch on his Zoom G3 so at least I know the pedal can get the base tone too. I've got a Digitech RP500 that doesn't quite get there, and my pedal can't control tape time using the expression pedal :(

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Re: Hyperspace pedal... maybe?

Post by mikegiovannucci » Fri Jan 18, 2019 1:42 am

Freaking Awesome. Spectacular job. Looks to be a very cool gadget. You are gonna make me spend money. lol