Boston "Surrender To Me" cover

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Boston "Surrender To Me" cover

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Nobody's done this one so I figured it'd be fun to learn.


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Re: Boston "Surrender To Me" cover

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Very nicely done!

I can see the appeal of playing along with the record the way you did, I especially like that you took note to pan the record mostly to one side while you played on the other. Biggest benefit is having the vocals!! Downside is having to compete with the guitars from the original track, which can really mask your tone and playing.

For me, I really like building the whole song up from scratch, or at least all the guitars. Layering up the "wall of rhythm guitars" one track at a time, and then the tricky part of recording the dueling leads (the timing issues can really mess with you!) and finally mixing them all together. But, that's just me. The downside is that I F%@#$%^& can't find anyone to lay down the vocals for me to complete the songs!!!!

But I gotta say, I know Taylor can do it both ways and he excels no matter which way he goes. I just wish we lived closer so we could collaborate or even get a tribute band going. I bet we could find someone in the Tabernacle Choir that could do a decent Brad Delp on a Friday or Saturday night!! ;-)