Early Rockman Bass headphone amp pictures

The definitive headphone guitar amp.
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Early Rockman Bass headphone amp pictures

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Here are a few pictures of a recent acquisition.

I picked up a well-used Bass Rockman pedal, one from SR&D, not the Dunlop reissue. This thing must have been in somebody’s basement as not only did it smell moldy but there was some corrosion on the headphone jacks. I figured this would make a fun restoration project.

First thing I did was add an internal power supply so I wouldn't have to use eight AA batteries. This was purchased from B5amps.com. Dwight was great to work with and provides a solid working solution over using batteries. I used some contact cleaner on the switches to enable them to move more freely and cleanly. Next I realized that the headphone jacks would need to be replaced as they were faulty. I replaced them and ended up doing a cap job replacing all the electrolytic caps. It sounds so much better now especially with the new jacks.

These pictures are before replacing the jacks and caps. I reduced the size so they weren't so large to upload.
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