Xp100 front panel mounting

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Xp100 front panel mounting

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Hello rockman community,

I'm a rockman user since a few months now!
I bought a XP100 in a second handed shop but it is in a bad shape.
I really like the sound of it :-)
I'm trying to clean it and refurbish it.

I'm currently facing an issue, on my amp there is no support or screw for the pcba of the front panel into the mechanic.

It is moving a lot into the amp and make it unusable
When i opened it the first time a tiny plastic part was glue to fix the pcba. But i sure it's not the original way.

Could you please tell me what kind of support is used into the xp100? Is it a standard part?
Maybe i can try to make a new one with the 3d printer at my work.

I will send some pics of the amp, i hope it will be more clear than my explanation!

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Re: Xp100 front panel mounting

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I'm working on one now. It's all apart but ready to be put back together. Send me some pics and I'll try to help you out.

Very respectfully,