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GonnaHitchaRide Community

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I'd like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the GonnaHitchaRide Community. They have an active sub-forum for Rockman gear that you can find at:

http://www.gonnahitcharide.com/thejourn ... um.php?f=6

The GonnaHitchaRide Community has more of a Boston focus than rockman-gearup.com. As for rockman-gearup.com, I don't intend it as any kind of replacement for gonnahitcharide.com. To use an analogy, it would be like an ambulance, trying to replace the hospital. The focus of rockman-gearup.com will be on the gear. This is your board if the Rockman gear is your key interest area. If you are specifically interested in Boston and their music, you may find gonnahitcharide.com more to your liking.


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