The GOAT Generator pedal reviewed

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The GOAT Generator pedal reviewed

Post by eicca »

The stompbox-style recreation of the Rockman Distortion Generator has been thoroughly examined:

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Re: The GOAT Generator pedal reviewed

Post by rbc »

That's a great video Taylor. Thanks for posting it.
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Re: The GOAT Generator pedal reviewed

Post by RockmanCentralBob »

Good review, Taylor. Personally, I did think it was a pretty nice pedal, and pretty quiet too. There definitely are some shortfalls, but overall, it had good tone.

I just did a quick check on the schematics for the Distortion Generator and the Sustainor. You are correct that the Distortion Generator's Lead Boost does affect not only the volume level, but the Distortion Harmonics as well.

However, the Sustainor's rhythm Volume switch only affects the output volume level, though it also does tweak the output EQ filtering as part of that. But it does NOT make any changes to the compression or gain levels. The gain boost switch on the faceplate does, but this is not foot switchable on stock units. On a side note, I do a simple mod on my sustainors where I can activate the Gain Boost either by changing into Distortion Mode, or by de-activating the Rhythm Volume, which of course does make it foot switchable! ;-)