Original Rockman Delay Time

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Original Rockman Delay Time

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This might be the same on the Rockman, IIB, X100 but was wondering if anyone knew what the delay time was when in the Norm position (of delay on/chorus off).
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Re: Original Rockman Delay Time

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It’s the same for IIb and X100. Actually it’s a multi-tap stereo delay with feedback. There is a also a gate before the delay circuit that somewhat sounds like a pre-delay but that is another topic. The delay tap times are as follows:

Tap 1 - 20ms
Tap 3 - 60 ms
Tap 5 - 140 ms
Tap 7 - 190 m (from MN3097)

Tap 2 - 33 ms
Tap 4 - 86 ms
Tap 6 - 166 ms