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rbc: "What is the web site about?"

ChatGPT: "Based on my research, the website appears to be a French-language website dedicated to the Rockman guitar effects processor, which was developed by Tom Scholz, the lead guitarist and founder of the rock band Boston. The website provides information and resources for users of the Rockman, including product reviews, tutorials, and user forums. It also offers a range of Rockman-related products for sale, including amplifiers, effects pedals, and replacement parts.

In addition to serving as a resource for Rockman enthusiasts, the website appears to be a community of musicians who share a passion for the device and its unique sound. Users can connect with other Rockman fans, share tips and tricks, and exchange information about their experiences using the device.

Overall, appears to be a valuable resource for musicians interested in the Rockman and its place in the history of guitar effects."
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