Ovation Preacher Double-Neck

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Ovation Preacher Double-Neck

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Hey, a guitar is gear right?

I am the co-founder of the Ovation FanClub. Unlike the majority of folks out there who think "acoustic" when they hear the brand Ovation, I was/am an electric player. Breadwinner, Deacon, Preacher, Viper, and UltraGS/GP.

There is one, and only one, double-neck Preacher that was given to Tom (well, he probably bought it) back in the day. This is my holy grail. I have or had at least one of every Electric Solid Body model they ever made. As I've gotten older (just turned 65), my collection has shrunk, but that double-neck has eluded me. I have/had prototypes and experiments and one-offs, but other than a concert in '76 in Harford CT, I have never even seen this one again.

Does anyone have any clues? I figure someone on here must have a connection to someone, somewhere who might know. I've been searching for over 20 years.
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