Rockman Optics

Equipment made by Dunlop Manufacturing including Rockman, MXR, Cry Baby, Way Huge Electronics, etc.
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Rockman Optics

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Anyone have any history on Rockman Optics?

I have seen Optics picks on ebay and volume/wah pedals in some people's rig pics and have never heard the history behind them. I take it they were a dunlop creation though?

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Re: Rockman Optics

Post by Guitarvamp »

They had nothing to do with Tom Scholz or SR&D (except in name only). I want to say that they were made by Dunlop for the Japanese market. I would think that if it were made for the US market by Dunlop, they'd still be making them (and they aren't).

My opinion - these pedals aren't worth anything. Well, I guess they are no better or worse than any other wah/volume pedals. I remember back in the day, people couldn't give them away.

Collectable? Well, a collectable is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. ;)