tweeters for full range cabs

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tweeters for full range cabs

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hello all, just trying to get some tips on what to use for tweeters for my 3 way speaker build. I would like to use my 8" pyle mid bass and purchase two 12" woofers and two horn style tweeters as well as two good quality crossovers, anybody have any ideas as to what works best, thanks for your help
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Making a proper FRFR cab involves a fair amount of science; you don't just throw together a few parts. Please spend some time researching the subject. The drivers need to be matched to the cab dimensions, etc. If you take the cheap route, you will get cheap results!

The other question is what amp you'll be using it with - it it's a Rockman you likely don't need an FRFR cab; a good 3-way design will work. If that is your direction, picking up a used set of PA speakers might be the best option in terms of time and money.