Rockman Guitar Ace short demo

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Rockman Guitar Ace short demo

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Used to be on here a long time ago. I've been away from guitar playing for quite some time (I'm a bass player). Recently picked up an old Kramer and now a Rockman Guitar Ace (obviously I like 80's stuff :D ). Anyway, this is just a short loose interpretation of a portion of Don't Shoot Shotgun by Def Leppard I did last night. I double tracked an panned the guitars, added a little reverb, and some EQ. I know many look down on the Ace series and they are built pretty cheap compared to X100's, Soloists, etc. but I am very pleased with the sound I am able to get out of it.

Guitar Ace.mp3
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Re: Rockman Guitar Ace short demo

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It sounds pretty good to me. Thanks for posting it!
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