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Simplified Rig

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I ordered a Behringer Ultra-DI Pro DI4000 4-channel Active Instrument Direct Box tonight after long contemplation. The reason is to provide balanced connections to the board. It's going into a simplification of previous Rockman rigs I've assembled. Here's the new breakdown:

Shelf 1: Peavey PV 215EQ
Shelf 2: Rockman Sustainor and Chorus/Delay
Shelf 3: Behringer Ultra-DI Pro DI4000
Shelf 4: Furman Power Conditioner

The PV 215EQ will have channel 1 assigned as an all return pre-EQ. Channel 2 will be assigned as a post Sustainor output-EQ before the Chorus/Delay. I'll probably control it with 3 or 4 pedals. I'll take a picture as soon as its assembled.
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